Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Among our stories, some are of famous businesspeople such as Walt Disney, John D. Rockefeller and Sam Walton, and others are of renowned thinkers such as Aristotle, Einstein and Gandhi. Still others are of people you may never have heard of but whose accomplishments are also quite impressive. Each triumphed over their own skepticism and that of others. After all, who did these people think they were to have such bold dreams and tackle such visionary ideas? The answer is they were people with human frailties just like you and me."
-Dick Kazan of Kazan Today

The above is from the mission statement page of Dick Kazan's terrific website, Kazan Today, located at Mr. Kazan is a true renaissance man, who has developed a website that truly helps people.By giving his readers factual information about others who have succeeded, Mr. Kazan allows them to find a story that resonates with them in some way, giving them one more tool that helps spur them on, even when they are frozen with fear, doubt, fatigue, or whatever. Remember that action is either the antidote or the main component of the antidote to many obstacles. Check out his website, I highly recommend it!!!!
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